Research paper on tribal education in india

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Tribal Research Centre to be set up at Doon University A Tribal Research Centre will soon be set up at Doon University to bring a holistic development in Uttarakhand’s five tribal communities. Get this from a library! Tribal education in Gujarat: an evaluation of educational incentive schemes.

[B L Kumar; Gujarat Institute of Development Research.]. External Assistance For Health Sector:Development of Education of Scheduled Tribes in Orissa: The Role of PESA Act 5 X 2 = Male Literacy Rate X 1 = Female Literacy Rate The higher the value of the index higher is the extent of gender disparity.

generate interests of education among tribal children which can give one step forward towards school education through the use of innovative technique. REFERENCES 1. Vinoba Goutam. Education of tribal children in India and the issue of medium of instruction: A Janshala Experience; UN/Government; Janashala Programme ; Delhi, India.

2. Tribal-dominated Jharkhand is set to become the second state in India to have a dedicated university for tribal students on the lines of India’s first Indira Gandhi Tribal University in.

around 8% of total tribal population of India. The primitive tribal group (PTG) constitutes % of the total This paper looks into the CSR initiatives taken by Tribal Cultural Society. The main objective of the paper Initiatives for education of tribal children and youth.

Research paper on tribal education in india
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